The Application of Aluminum Alloy at Automotive Parts

At present, the automotive industry has become the pillar industry in China. Especially after 2000, China's auto industry has entered the fast lane, and has become one of biggest car-producing countries in the world. At the same time, China has become the most potential consumer market in the world, which catch the eye of most famous Automakers. In 2007, the auto output reached 8.88 million in China, with an increase of 22% to last year. The domestic need for auto reach 8,420,000 set in China, with an increase of 20.2%.
With the development of the automobile industry and the owning cars increased, our manufacturing sector have been promoted and brought much more conveniences to people's lives. At the same time, the development of auto industry resulted in fuel consumption, emissions and safety etc problems. Lightweight automotive industry are one of solution to reduce energy-saving emission. Certainly, lightweight automotive means aluminum alloy will lead to a wide range of applications in the cars. A typical aluminum parts can effect a weight loss up to 30-40%. The second weight loss can be further increased to 50%. The average car usage of alloy has reached Al-127kg / vehicles at Europe and the United States in 2006. European Aluminum Association (EAA) predicted that by 2015, the European cars will increase the volume of aluminum 300kg / vehicles, car parts, if any available aluminum in lieu of using its, then the average vehicle aluminum will reach 454kg, the effect of light will be greatly enhanced. Reduce the weight of each car 10%, up to 8 percent fuel-efficient implementation. 1kg each use aluminum, can reduce the life expectancy 20kg car emissions.
Aluminum is a kind of green environmental protection material, featured easy recovery and recycled recovery. The energy consumption saved by use of aluminum is 6-12 times than the energy of production the alloy parts.
The one after the other R & D and market of domestic B-Class, C-class cars, and running cars provide a good market and application basis for the aluminum alloy in the automotive lightweight application. While the application of automotive aluminum alloy for the domestic B-class car, C-class cars, as well as the industry as a whole provides a prerequisite for technological upgrading. Currently used in automotive aluminum alloy including: body panels of aluminum alloy plate; cast aluminum pieces; extrusion profiles; forging aluminum alloy; aluminum wire / aluminum alloy composite material and other applications such as Alloy Wheel Rim (also called alloy wheel hub).


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