The Usage and Maintenance of Santana Wheels

Santana Cars use 185/70SR13 low-pressure tubeless radial tyres. Thereinto, 185 means width of tyres is 185mm. 70 stands a high ratio of 70%. SR used to express the speed of less than 180km/h for radial tyres. 13 means the diameter of wheel is 13 inch.
Tubeless tyres only fail to work when it is bursting. But when perforated, the pressure of wheels will not be a sharp decline, which the car can be still safe to continue driving. Among tubeless tyres, there is no damage from friction with the outside tyre or stuck. Compared to inner tube, it has better airtight and can directly through the round of cooling units. It also have lower operating temperature and long service life. Moreover, the structure is simple and mass is small. After perforation, it is in a compressed form and swathed closely with punctured material, so it can not leak in a long-term and be able to maintain tyre pressure even pull-out.
1. Avoid to add inner tube into tubeless wheels. When driving, the inner tube and outside type will created friction, which rise the temperature of wheel type. It is very dangerous especially at high speed.
2. In summer, the temperature will rise at the usaing of tyres. One of important things need to be noted is that do not water to cool the tyres. That is to prevent a sudden cooling aroused burst because of uneven contraction in all parts. That will also influnce the duration of tyres. When come into wading road, need to stop the car first for fall down the temperature, and then pass the wading road avoid of tyres burst. The other is to pay attention is that do not deflate. When cars runing, the temperature of tyres will rise, which lead to the high temperature of inside tube. If deflated on the way, although the pressure decrease temporary, but the tube temperature have not decreased. When running, the pressure decreased but outshape will increased, which will cause the damage of tyres.
3. The model of car use fitted with low pressure tires. The pressure of front-wheel drive is 190 kPa, the rear wheels to 230kPa. According to the above value to fill the tyres. Checking the tyre should be carried out under the cold state. In winter, the pressure of tyres should increase 20kPa. Either high or low pressure will influence the driving performance and shorten the life of tyres. Especially too low pressure will increase the consumption of oil (because the roll resistance will increase).
4. If you find that the unilateral tire wear (extroversion inaccurate) or the pattern of tyres appear on edges (toe-in of Front Wheel inaccurate), the car should be checked for front wheel alignment. In the pattern of new tyre, there is a 12mm wide, 1.6mm thick wear instruction strip will be weared away after too long use. This should be replaced with new tires, otherwise they will reduce the adhesive force on the ground and impact the driving power and braking performance.
5, Tyres should be replaced in pairs. Only tyres with the same models of pattern can used in combination, and the deep tread tires should be placed on the front wheel. Every 10,000 km around travelling, change postion of tyres. Only change the tyres at before and after postion. Tyres at left and right postion are not allowed. When disassembly, can not use the crowbar knocking on the wheel rings. Or the wheel will be deformation and failure gastightness which affect driving safety.
6. Because the same specifications of radial tires and general bias tire have different hydrostatic radius and rolling radius, the radial tires can not be used on both sides of the same side of car mixed with general bias tires. That will lead to early wear and tear. Long use of car wheel tyres, the balance performance will change. Every time repaired, a balance check should be carried out. Otherwise, there willbe partial waver and swing, which affect maneuverability when turning and driving stability, and lead to a malignant wheel wear.
7. When the speed of driving is above 60km/h, rear wheels have noise. In most of conditions, that is because the rear wheel bearing have burnt out which should be changed. It should be check every 10,000km that the clearance of rear wheel bearings, the oil seal of rear shaft end and lubricated grease. The adjustment of clearance should tighten the bearing first and back 90 degree angle and then use struck flat screwdriver to adjust the gasket.


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