The Basic Parts Introduction of Car Wheels and Finishing Color

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All these parameter related are all specification for alloy wheels to applicated with different cars.

Pls check the picture attached for wheel basic parts. As you see in the picture, for example for one group parameter:
SIZE:17x7 ET:35 P.C.D:8x100/114.3 CB:73.1(the product that we quote to you on Apr. 13th )

1. The "SIZE 17X7" means that Rim Diameter (No.1) is 17 inches, and Rim Width (No.2) is 7 inches, which are the two parameters
of wheel rim size.

2. The "ET 35" means that Offset (No.4) is 35mm, which is the distance between Hub Mounting Face and Wheel Center Line.

3. The "P.C.D 8x100/114.3" also have two parts. Number 8 means the rim have 8 Bolt Holes (No.5), and number 100/114.3 means

Pitch Circle Diameter(No.6)is 100mm and 114.3mm, which is circled by the point of Bolt Hole center line(see the red line in the left part).
Here it have two diameters means that the pitch circle diameter of 4 bolt holes is 100mm, and another 4 bolt holes' is 114.3mm. which
are in order to let our after-market alloy wheel rims to be applicated for more car types. For original alloy wheels it always has one group P.C.D.
So if you can advise the four parts parameter of rims, we can supply many models for your reference.

4. The "CB 73.1" means that the Hub Bore Diameter (the center of rim) is 73.1mm, which should be measured in the back side of the wheel rim.

Code of alloy wheel finishing color

1. S ----Silver
2. MS----Machine Silver
3. SLP----Silver Lip Polish
4. HS----Hyper Silver
5. HSFM----Hyper Silver Fully Machine
6. HSLP----Hyper Silver Lip Polish
7. HB----Hyper Black
8. HBFM----Hyper Black Fully Machine
9. HBLP----Hyper Black Lip Polish
10. BLK----Black
11. MB----Black Machine
12. BLP----Black Lip Polish
13. MG----Gunmetal Machine
14. NMG----New Gunmetal Machine
15. CH----Chrome
16. VC----Vaccum Chrome, Sputtering Chrome
17. GLD----Golden
18. GLDLP----Golden Lip Polish
19. MC----Machine Copper/CB----Copper Bronze
20. CMCLP----Copper Machine Center Lip Polish
21. M/B----Matte Black
22. MBM----Matte Black Machine
23. MB/LP----Matte Black Lip Polish
24. MB/CMLP----Matte Black Center Machine Lip Polish
25. MBFR----Machine Black Full Red
26. MBFB----Machine Black full Blue
27. B/LPLR----Black Lip Machine Red Lip
28. B/LPLB----Black lip Machine Blue Lip
29. M/BLR----Matte Black Red Lip


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