How to keep the auto lamps outside of car

To check the outside auto lamps if burn out is a very quick and simple work. But as per fully systemic keep of our auto lamps is not a very simple work for most of us.
To maintain outside auto lamp in time is extremely important, because it does not only affect the comfort in driving, but also relate the safety of driving. usually, the owner of car won't be on to the damage of big lamp, tail lamp, turn signal lamp or stop signal lamp. By the way, it is very simple to change the burnt lamps. The cost of DIY is lower than the standard charge of lighting system maintian in car service.
Under more circs, the trouble of auto lamps are not only limited the burnt of lamp, rust corrode of socket or the damage of pin these kinds of small problems. Sometimes, the key reason need to adopt professional diagnosed technology for analysis. Even the cars at low prices, the inside lamps and outside lamps is controlled by the main computer. And like that luxury cars, only the front big lamps are controlly by three sets of computers.
If the car equipped DRLs series (Daytime Running Lamps), you should know the working theories of those devices first. Such as, some DRLs can not open before the motor started. There is another DRLs that if the parking brake holding power has not cancelled, the DRLs can not work in normal even if the motor started. If the cars equip with light control lamp (that is when the outside light dark at a certain degree, the system features front big light auto-started. ), might as well check the working conditions of car at the phototonus from the weaked to the strongest. Of course, do not ignore to check the auto close of calculagraph. If the system equipped with a calculagraph, pls set it at max delay.
If the front lamp is damaged, usually change it by similiar lamps. Some cars equipped front lamp HID with high strength discharge. The device can get high density lamp-house by discharge of high pressure electricity arc created by pre-designed electronic system. Pay attention to the common quartz, halogen bulb can not be applied for that. Besides, to check if the front big lamp have crack is neccessary. Though the surface crack will not affect the lighting performance of front big lamps, but the damp will inleakage into the inside lamp. That certainly will reduce the usage life of auto lamps.
The adjustment of direction of front big light is also listed in the maintain items. In order to keep the maximum safety of driver in driving, the front big lamps must provide good front lighting for running vehicles.
Except the key maintainance of auto lamps, do not forget the other lamp systems, such as turn signal light, registration mark lighting of car, width instructing light, parking brake holding power light, backup light and stop lamp (including middle high perch stoplight CHMSL etc. Moreover, many vehicles choose the fog lamp as standard mounting or popular options. Fog lamp is usually installed at the lower postion of cars, so it is exposed to be broken by stones. When keep the fog lamp, the crack should not be ignored on the camera lens of car lamp.


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